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With a dedicated technician from Murphy Oak Pool Service and Maintenance caring for your pool’s health and water quality, you can trust that each visit will maintain the highest standards of pool maintenance excellence.

Upon enrolling in recurring pool cleaning services with Murphy Oak Pool Service and Maintenance, here’s what you can anticipate from our dedicated team.

  • Fully Equipped Truck: Our team arrives at your pool with all the necessary cleaning equipment, ensuring a swift and comprehensive service. With a full range of tools at our disposal, we deliver thorough cleaning.
  • Pet and Family Friendly: Safety is paramount. We secure gates and restrict access to the pool area to safeguard your pets and children, ensuring they don’t venture into unauthorized zones.
  • Environmentally Friendly Options: For those preferring chemical-free solutions, we offer environmentally friendly systems and products to maintain your pool without compromising the environment.
  • Pool Chemical Check: Balanced pool chemicals are essential for your family’s well-being and the equipment’s longevity. During each visit, we perform a comprehensive chemical analysis and rectify any imbalances, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for all.
  • Basket Cleaning: We meticulously clear out the debris-collecting baskets in your pool to prevent damage to your equipment. During each service, both the skimmer and pump baskets will be emptied and cleaned.
  • Debris Skimming and Removal: A clean pool surface is essential. We’ll skillfully skim away leaves and debris from the water’s surface, along with any larger items that may have settled at the pool’s bottom.
  • Vacuuming and Brushing: Our vacuuming process rids your pool of sediment and small debris particles that evade the filtration system. However, brushing is also vital to prevent buildup on surfaces, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Backwashing the Pool Filter: With regular backwashing, we eliminate microscopic, trapped particles from your filter, prolonging its efficiency. This preventive measure, coupled with the reapplication of D.E. powder, guarantees optimal filter function over time. Our service schedule ensures you won’t have to worry about extensive backwashing that’s required when filters aren’t consistently flushed

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Servicing Swimming Pools in Murphy TX and Surroundings

Our pool service extends beyond mere pool cleaning. Ensuring a clean pool on a weekly basis is a responsibility we uphold with utmost dedication. We take immense pride in our services core values and the commitment our employees demonstrate in their work. While anyone can clean a pool, we aim to elevate the service experience. Our technicians are not only proficient in pool cleaning, but they also excel in equipment maintenance. Moreover, they maintain clear communication with our office to address any issues, queries, or concerns you might have. Throughout the entire process, our meticulous staff will keep you well-informed. At Murphy Oak we service and repair pool to nearby cities as well.

Murphy Oak Weekly Service

Maintaining your own pool can use up lots of time and energy. Getting regular pool cleaning help is a smart choice for your home and peace of mind. Regular pool care is important for a clean pool and your well-being

Our customers often didn’t realize the time, effort, and money needed to keep pool chemicals balanced and equipment running. When your pool’s balanced, maintenance costs drop. Our weekly pool cleaning can save you time and money, preventing bigger issues later on.

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